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World’s best chocolate cookie: Van Stapele Koekmakerij

The world's best cookie?

We’re going to keep this simple and sweet, for these are the adjectives that also best describe the subject of this post, Amsterdam’s premier cookie maker, Van Stapele.

This tiny bakery near Spui in Amsterdam Centrum has just one product and one purpose; to produce the world’s best chocolate cookie. It’s made with unfathomably rich Valhrona cocoa which throbs with a core of molten white chocolate.

The staff prepare and bake the cookies in small batches, so when you walk in and hand over your money, there’s a strong chance that the cookie you receive will still be warm and gooey.

Amsterdam cookie maker Van Stapele

Crowds queue up for fresh gourmet chocolate cookies from Van Stapele

Van Stapele is an essential pilgrimage for locals and for visitors. So if you’re one of the uninitiated who hasn’t yet sampled its goods, please make it a priority. To give you some context, we’d suggest that while it’s less important than filling your ballot in a general election it’s definitely more important than finishing your taxes.

It is, without doubt, the finest chocolate cookie on the planet. So go. Go now.

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Facebook: Van Stapele Koekmakerij


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