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Get your ramen on at Fou Fow Van Wou

Soul food, ramen bowls at Fou Fow

The second of Amsterdam’s much talked about ramen joint opened its doors in de Pijp and we’re glad to report that they haven’t messed with a winning recipe. So while the formula might be familiar, there’s still a few new ingredients in the mix…

The additional location is the most obvious and important. Fou Fow’s first ramen restaurant established its place at the western edge of the city centre, in the Jordaan, so their tactical move south-ish is smart and very welcome.

Its loyal patrons gladly travelled across town to queue outside its slender shopfront on Elandsgracht, but there’s now a new option for those more in orbit of de Pijp than the Jordaan, which makes it accessible for a whole new set of ramenophiles.

Fou Fow Ramen, Amsterdam

Inside Fou Fou’s Van Wou outpost

A boon for Fou Fow 2 is the terrace out back. It’s not huge, but half a dozen tables nestle in the little yard for those who lament having to enjoy their ramen with a fixed roof overhead.

Plenty of room of ramen-lovers

Manga on the walls of Fou Fow in de Pijp

When it comes to accommodating diners inside, the new Fou Fow can offer a lot more opportunity, seating at least twice the numbers of the cozier Elandsgracht shop.

That extra room has also created a bit more opportunity for Fou Fow to play with some new decorating ideas. We love the original shop’s simplicity, but we’re happy about the new location’s canteen styling, bare brick walls and manga-style murals, too.

Facebook: foufowramenvanwou

Specialities Um, Ramen
Price €€
Booking Nah, it’s a drop-in kinda joint
Groups Can’t see a problem here

Van Woustraat



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