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21 coffee spots in Amsterdam open before 8 am

I became a dog dad not long ago. While adjusting to the demands of a bossy Greek rescue pupper, I discovered a few must-haves of my own. One such need is an early cup of coffee in the long darkness of a January morning. Move over Maslow’s Hierarchy; I need baristas at dawn. And guess what? They exist, even in Amsterdam.

If I’ve missed anything, drop me a comment!

LOCALS Speciality Coffee

Where: Ferdinand Bolstraat, de Pijp
When: 7am Mon-Fri (8am Sat-Sun)

If you want smiles and style with your start-up cup of coffee, look no further than LOCALS Speciality Coffee. Sibling site to nearby LOCALS All Day Brunch, the small, stylish venue offers quality coffee and pastries to quench and sate your first-thing fancies.

De Wasserette

Where: Eeerste van der Helsstraat, de Dijp
When: 7:30 am, 7-days a week

Full coffee menu, breakfast bites and larger brunch staples; all for grabs at de Wasserette. Better still, the cafe has extensive outdoor seating, ideal for watching the busy market traders and locals go about their daily business.


Where: 11 locations across Amsterdam
When: 7:30 am (weekends vary)

BBROOD is a bakery rather than a cafe, but their doors are open at 7.30 most mornings, and they have coffee and pastries to go. That’s all we need to know!


Where: 3 locations: Nassaukade, Van Baerlestraat, Beethovenstraat
When: 7 am & 7.30 am Mon-Fri (weekends vary)


Broodje Daan

Where: Jan van Galenstraat, Nieuw-West
When: 6 am Mon-Fri

Broodje Daan is a charming anomaly amid this contemporary cafes and bakeries list. The no-frills cafe is open from 6 am, five days a week, and offers low-cost sandwiches and drinks to the masses. An Amsterdam institution.

De Koffie Salon

Where: 3 locations: Spui, Utrechtsestraat, Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat
When: 7 am, 7-days a week

There are three Koffie Salon branches around Amsterdam Centrum. So you can source an early brew without a hitch if you’re sleepless around Spui, surly in Utrechtsestraat, or jonesing at 1st C. Huygensstraat.

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