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21 coffee spots in Amsterdam open before 8 am

I became a dog dad not long ago. While adjusting to the demands of a bossy Greek rescue pupper, I discovered a few must-haves of my own. One such need is an early cup of coffee in the long darkness of a January morning. Move over Maslow’s Hierarchy; I need baristas at dawn. And guess what? They exist, even in Amsterdam.

If I’ve missed anything, drop me a comment!

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Athens from above

The Athens you love might not be the Athens you first expect

I have finally gotten the hang of Athens. I say this because for unthawed northern Europeans like me Athens can be a beguiling place to visit at first.

The sprawling neighbourhoods disorientate and the concrete apartment blocks feel defensive. As a result, Athens feels part stronghold and part labyrinth. But if you do the work then the barriers will melt away.

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