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Portuguese-themed Franggo has a wholesome chicken mission

Piri-piri chicken at Franggo, de Pijp

Here at Kompas, we’re firm believers that you should never eat something at a restaurant that you could easily make at home yourself. In short we’re talking to you, pasta and chicken. But after a recent trip to Franggo, a Portugese chicken shop in de Pijp, we’ve decided to scratch the latter from our banned substances list.

Franggo, piri-piri chicken shop in de Pijp

Upstairs at Franggo, chicken shop in de Pijp

There’s nothing complex about this place; get a half or a whole chicken with piri-piri, garlic sauce or a mixture of both and combine it with a side of corn, fries or a baked potato. Eat in or take away, the choice is yours.

The chicken is cooked in plain sight over coals, so there’s no fatty frying so long as you avoid the chips, and Franggo is keen to point out that there’s nothing very nasty in those marinades either, so you can also worry less about any hidden additives, should they be on your mind. The result is some very tasty, very succulent bird that doesn’t cost a whole lot.

Good chicken restaurants aren’t new. Van’t Spit, Rotisserie and Cafe Schilders all helped revive the perception of the poor old chicken by subverting the notion of what a chicken joint is. They’ve been around for a few years now, but they only offer the option to eat in (unless we were to count Deliveroo et al, which we’re not), so Franggo is a bit unique in its guilt-free approach to the take-away chicken.

It’s a decent new entry onto de Pijp’s fast food roster, keeping good company with the abundance of taco takeaways, burger bars and pizza places already swarming the neighbourhood. If you’re looking for inexpensive, food with a conscience, you could do worse than add it to your list.

Website: franggo.nl

Facebook: letsgofranggo

Instagram: letsgofranggo

Specialities Chicken
Booking Nah, just turn up
Groups Not for big groups, 4-6 people max, or take away

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