Be curious

We don’t want to detract from the wonder of Amsterdam’s well-trodden streets, but there is a lot to reward those who choose to see a few support acts amongst the headliners. This is a city that rewards the curious with beauty, peace and a unique atmosphere if you look to join the city’s dots using backstreets and less well-trodden thoroughfares… or if you go in search of different dots altogether.

Locals describe Amsterdam as a global city on a human scale, meaning it has all the culture and beauty you’d expect from an Alpha city but in a compact, digestible size. So while the historic centre has a well-deserved gravitational pull, the best shopping, eating and cultural spots are generally spread across various different areas such as Jordaan and de Pijp, each having their own unique content and character.

To get around, the willing and able-bodied can find that much of the city is reachable – with ample coffee stops – by foot, but there is also a reliable tram network (and to an extent also an underground Metro network, currently under expansion) that will take you around the city easily with a travel card which can be bought from various outlets through the city.


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