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Under the awning at Athenaeum

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum is a magazine shop in a cozy square at the inner edge of the canal belt. Adjoining its fully fledged bookseller sibling, the bijou Athenaeum is a mouthwatering proposition for anyone with a love for print and who looks for titles they haven’t seen before, or seeks the titles they long for.


The food scene in Amsterdam continues to gain momentum with a glut of new restaurants popping up around the city. Whilst a good portion of the places grabbing the headlines seem to be offering either rotisserie chicken or a dirty burger from a hip part of town, Terpentijn (we’re not sure why it’s called that either) stands apart by offering finely crafted Asian-inspired cuisine from an unlikely part of Amsterdam Centrum.

Cut Throat Barber & Coffee

The evocatively named Cut Throat Barber & Coffee turns plenty of passing heads even on a street full of other ‘memorable’ retailers. It’s situated on Warmoesstraat, in Amsterdam’s molten core. Just off Dam Square at the edge of the Red Light District it’s been rapidly growing in popularity since it opened a couple of years ago. It’s barbershop equivalent of a juggernaut.

Anouk Beerents

Antique mirror restorer Anouk Beerents’ workshop and showroom definitely deserves a post on Kompas, even if it’s not actually open to the public most of the time. Situated about halfway along Prinsengracht, close to the 9 Streets, the space is one of the most inspiring we’ve found in Amsterdam.