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Delicious simplicity courtesy of Sir Hummus and Sir Hummus Kitchen

Sir Hummus Amsterdam

You know it, we know it; too much choice can be a bad thing. So in this age of endless browsing, swiping and refreshing, it’s wise to seize opportunities for keeping things simple. And that’s one of the words at the heart of Sir Hummus …

If you head to the newest location – a colourful nook at Ruysdaelkade called Sir Hummus Kitchen – you’ll find super fresh falafel served in hot-from-the-oven pita. You can choose a spice level for the topping, but otherwise you only need to decide if you want the full or half portion.

Even that’s a no-brainer. It’s also up to you where you eat, as you can chow down at the communal table or get your falafel to go, as we did. But we urge you (as they did us) to eat it as soon as possible. After all, there’s no point letting all that freshness go to waste by tucking in an hour later.

If that’s just slightly to binary, pop to their cafe a few blocks away for a fuller menu of hummus dishes. Yes there’s a menu at this sunny corner of Van der Helstplein, but it’ll not overwhelm you. Here, you get to choose a hummus bowl, which is a self-contained treat already, and a number of mouthwatering extras that cater to every dietary preference, be you devout carnivore, angelic vegetarian or wholesome vegan.

If you’re in love with ‘master of one’ concepts like we are, check out our other posts for MOOK (pancakes), Franggo (chicken) and Van Stapele (cookies).

Specialities Hummus (the real deal) or falafel if you’re at Sir Hummus Kitchen
Booking Nah, just chance it and pop in
Groups Keep it to four or less to avoid a big squeeze

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Sir Hummus

Sir Hummus Kitchen

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