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FRNZY’s feel-good Vietnamese food keeps your conscience clean

FRNZY Vietnamese street food restaurant, de Pijp

Guilt-free eats aren’t always easy to come by in the spur of the moment, so adding a casual street food venue like FRNZY to your restaurant roster is entirely worthwhile. Particularly if you’re one of those busy boys or girls always zipping around Amsterdam who forgets about food until there’s a rumble in the tummy.

FRNZY is a pocket-sized Vietnamese street food restaurant in de Pijp. It serves reasonably priced meals in three main formats. There’s the bún salad; a bowl of vermicelli noodles, greens, beansprouts and peanuts. There’s the gỏi cuốn; fresh salad rolls made with sticky bánh tráng and filled with all the same goodness as the noodle salad. And finally there’s the bánh mì sandwich, for those who still want their carb fix.

FRNZY, Vietnamese street food restaurant in de Pijp

Casual, guilt-free eats courtesy of FRNZY, Vietnamese street food restaurant in de Pijp

All three come with a choice of veg, shrimps, pork, chicken, beef or their speciality sausage. You can pad it out with some starters or tack on a dessert, and then wash it down with an imaginative thirst-quencher. Pick from the usual beers and wines, or get a bit more creative with some specific gin and tonics, or homemade ice teas and milkshakes.

So when eating ‘on the go’ threatens your discipline, remember that you’ve one more option to pull out of your pocket, FRNZY.

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Simple, nourishing Vietnamese food

Nah, just turn up

Not for big groups, 4-6 people max

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