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Bocca Coffee

Bocca's cafe is Mecca for caffeine-junkies

Esteemed roaster, Bocca Coffee, has opened the doors to its very first cafe, and has chosen Amsterdam in which to do it. The large, bright concept-cafe is tucked away on the lovely Kerkstraat, in the section between Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and Leidsestraat.

It had a soft opening a couple of months ago but the cafe’s arrival was given a proper fanfare in early October. We popped in a week later when our friends at florist A.P. Bloem (also on Kerkstraat, check them out sometime) recommended the spot as having amongst the very best caffeinated content in the city.

We use the term “concept-cafe” because that’s exactly right. Bocca have built their business by working with farmers to source their coffee sustainably and by paying a fair price for it. Most of their business is in supplying retailers and restaurants, so this cafe – as important as it is for building the brand – can be a pared down experience that focuses on the message that seems most important to them; great product. Yes you can also get high-quality teas, but the focus is on the black stuff inasmuch as that right now you won’t even find a cookie to dunk.

Minimal interior is as focused as the product

Minimal interior is as focused as the product

So you might feel like it lacks a bit of diversity, and that’s sort of true but it’s totally by design. Aside from the drinks, the folks at Bocca have also put together a rather striking interior. You know by now that we like our interiors, here at Kompas, and this one ticks our modernist boxes.

It’s large and minimal with a focus on finishing and attention to detail over homely comfort. Think boutique. Think polished concrete floors, steel shelving, white walls, and just enough soft furnishings to soften the industrial-chic edges.

Don’t go here for a cozy slice of cake, go for the coffee. Go to impress a caffeine-fanatic, go to meet about that app you’re designing. Go for the training and tastings they offer, or just go.

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