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TOKI's contemporary interior

In the Netherlands, it’s usually milk that’s credited for creating its giants (the Dutch are the tallest nation in the world, don’t you know), but we think it’s the caffeine that’ll keep TOKI growing strong…

Smile, you're at TOKI

Smile, you’re at TOKI

The cafe opened at the tail end of the summer with a mission to make you smile, and as we move into the darker and colder months of the year, the place gives Amsterdammers a reason to be cheerful and optimistic.

Even the logo’s gentle smile brings a bit of cheer, which seems to reflect the warm welcome of its owner, Jeff. Following a chat with him a couple of weeks after TOKI opened, it’s clear he loves what he does and is there to share it with his clientele.

TOKI is Jeff’s first foray into hospitality but he’s made the transition to cafe ownership look simple. While it’s definitely not easy to bring something new to the cafe scene in Amsterdam, such is the rocketing amount of quality offerings. TOKI does that. When you watch them at work, muddling or grinding ingredients in perfect quantities, you realise that this is a cafe not just run as a business, but as a craft.

TOKI isn't just a cafe, it's a craft

TOKI isn’t just a cafe, it’s a craft

And that’s certainly the case with the drinks menu. The excellent coffee is sourced from Bonanza in Berlin, the teas (TOKI’s pièce de résistance) are imported from Brooklyn’s BelloCQ and those seeking some booze will find a selection of beers from East London microbrewery Crate. Team Kompas were neighbours of the brewery during our time in London so it’s nice to see it here.

On the food front, there’s a small selection of pastries from Petit Gateaux but we’re told the food menu will expand over time to offer street food inspired dishes. If the solid goods are as well thought out as the liquids then we actively encourage that to happen. No doubt it’ll be delicious.

Specialities Tea and coffee all the way
Price mid-range
Booking No, just pop in and grab a seat
Groups Small gangs, not an entourage

Pictures: Paul Bakker

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