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Raw Materials

On the border of Amsterdam Centrum and Oud West, in the middle of the Jordaan, a street called Rozengracht causes trouble for those with a penchant for spending time and money on interior design. Of the many spots along here, Raw Materials is the biggest, but arguably the most intriguing, too.

The majority of nearby stores offer sleek contemporary furniture and accessories from the Skandi school of aesthetics. We love that, but Raw Materials is different. It sources, imports and restores treasures from all corners of the globe and as a result every piece feels like it has a story – an origin beyond a factory floor. It results in a fine collection of goods which avoid the cookie cutter pitfalls of mass-production and instead, share their perfect imperfections with its appreciative, clued-up shoppers.

If you can see it, you can buy it.

If you can see it, you can buy it

Luckily, Raw Materials’ operates online too, selling to both private and commercial customers so wherever you’re reading this from it’s possible that you’ve sat in a cafe under a reclaimed industrial light that came out of its catalogue.

But as we all know, nothing beats the opportunity to be in the same room as things you’re buying. They warrant an emotional response, and particularly those that involve significant financial investment.

Raw Materials has items from a few Euros to several thousand Euros so if you’re like us here at Team Kompas then you’ll definitely want to look, touch and sniff (yes, we sniff) whatever is in your sights; especially when the price point creeps upwards. Thankfully it’s a tactile place so we’re suitably indulged on that front. The large split level space feels like a mixture of bohemian mansion and movie set, while the products beg you to stroke, tap, sit, clutch and squeeze them.

Perhaps you’re not in the market for anything bigger than a trinket but you can certainly find those here. And even if you walk out empty-handed, if you’re a house proud design-lover, you’ll still leave having gained something new.


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