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Ace & Tate

The Dutch are well known for their entrepreneurship so it’s not surprising that several fashion brands with roots in the Netherlands are huge household names worldwide (G-Star, anybody?). Ace & Tate, a successful upstart in the designer glasses game, looks to have a big destiny too.

The company was founded just two years ago with a strong and simple mission; to design quality frames at a fair price and to keep things simple. And they do just that, giving you an ever expanding choice in prescription and clear lenses for not a lot of cash.

As a member of the four-eyed elite, Team Kompas is a big fan of the brand, and already on a second round of specs thanks to an unfortunate dancing incident in a Portugese field recently.

Ace & Tate operate in the Netherlands, UK and Germany with a mail-order service ( that delivers up to five pairs at once so customers can find the right pair for them at their leisure, in the comfort of their own home. But if that’s not enough, the brand is kind enough to offer a growing number of locations to experience a larger collection. The most high-profile locations include Dutch department store De Bijenkorf and Ace & Tate’s own HQ showroom on Overtoom (close to Vondelpark).

Hutspot were early supporters of a brand which has been smart to ride the pop-up wave. Last year they occupied Droog (close to the Red Light District) and at the time of writing have another pop-up on Van Woustraat in de Pijp. Meanwhile, their concessions continue to grow around Amsterdam’s boutiques too so there’s no shortage of ways and places to get your hands on pair (or two).

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