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Frites Uit Zuyd (Par Hasard Friterie)

Need the best fries of your life? Of course you do, and that’s why Frites Uit Zuyd exists.

It’s a Belgian-inspired ‘friterie’ conjoined with a restaurant called Par Hasard on de Pijp’s Ceintuurbaan. It serves various deep-fried staples of Dutch cuisine but it adds an artisanal twist that sets it apart from fast food institutions like the omnipresent Febo (which we’re not trying to disparage here).

On paper the two outlets are essentially the same but in practice there’s plenty different; the quality of the food is the most important and relevant distinction, but one that we can’t actually articulate beyond what you see in the photo. At the time of posting we’ve only had the frites but they were totally fulfilling on the bright but chilly spring afternoon, where we sat outside and ate our delicious morsels of golden potato from a tin platter.

In our eyes the frites are enough to commit the place to public record but eating is believing, so go and do that. You can thank us after you’ve finished obsessively seeking out every crispy scrap from the bottom of your cone.

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