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About: de Pijp

Now well-established as the hippest area of Amsterdam (and one of the priciest to live) de Pijp has everything that locals could crave. There’s the beautiful Sarphatipark, bustling Albert Cuypstraat market, and enough shops, bars, cafes and restaurants orbiting those to keep locals and visitors entertained for quite some time.

Originally built for Amsterdam’s workers during the 1800s to ease overpopulation in the Jordaan area, the neighbourhood has been repurposed in the 21st Century by students, affluent singles and trendy young families who’ve settled in the area. With that, dozens of bars, cafes and boutiques have sprung up to service a population looking for good coffee and unique retail experiences (we’ve already covered de Groene Vlinder, CT Coffee & Coconuts and Little Collins).

'Backstage' in de Pijp's Albert Cuypmarkt

‘Backstage’ in de Pijp’s Albert Cuypmarkt

But it’s the street market which still provides the heart and soul of the area. Held six days per week for over a century, it’s here, in the concentrated stream of grocery-shoppers, that you’ll see a real slice of life with more locals (read ex-pats as well as Amsterdammers) than visitors filing through the wide stall-lined street.

As busy at it is (particularly on a Saturday afternoon) it’s always good to perch on a patio somewhere on the streets that lie parallel to/intersect with the market to watch the world go by. Nowhere else will you see such a diverse mix of people.


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