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CT Coffee & Coconuts

Amsterdam is a city which recently got the knack of creating interesting brunch spots. So it’s harder than ever for intrepid newcomers to create a clearing in the fast-growing forest of coffee and cocktails. However, CT Coffee & Coconuts on de Pijp’s Ceintuurbaan has hacked its way in, and looks to have built itself a permanent settlement.

The cafe-restaurant occupies a former cinema, keeping its Art Deco facade while making the most of a cavernous interior with a number of staggered mezzanine levels. Each level is furnished with tables, comfy beanbags or both. Meanwhile on the ground floor there’s a large open kitchen and bar which lets you see the fresh and tantalising dishes being prepared. Alongside there’s a selection of homemade cakes and smoothies and (let’s finally get to that name…) coconuts.

That’s right, there’s a coconut theme running throughout the food and drinks menu, the ultimate expression of which being the Harry Nilsson; a whole fresh coconut, which is carved and served open-topped with a slice of lime to squeeze into the coconut water. Spoons and straws are provided to help you slurp and munch on its innards.

As idiosyncratic as it sounds, the concept isn’t overplayed. Accompanying the coconuts there’s a large but digestible menu covering breakfast goodies – which are served throughout the day from 7am (8am on weekends) – alongside lunch and dinner favourites until closing time at 11pm.

Specialities Specialties: all-day brunch, juice, cocktails… coconuts!
Price Mid-range
Booking Book or just walk in, but then prepare to queue
Groups Perfect for a lively 1-on-1 gossip or for a large group

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